This page is an attempt to make some sense of the debate about the foreign policy issues that have been rased about the rise of China. Here you will find a host of links which include information on the Chinese state, military, amd Foreign Policy.

No country has this special privilege to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries or impose its will upon others. Certain big powers, often under the cover of 'freedom,’ 'democracy’ and 'human rights,’ set out to encroach upon the sovereignty of other countries.” Jiang Zemin, speaking at the United Nations, October 1995

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  • A storm is brewing in Asia. American forces have withdrawn almost 50% of their troops since the end of the Cold War in 1991. The Russian Far Eastern Fleet, once one of the most powerful forces in the region is a shadow of its former self. What remains in the region now is what is beginning to be called by many as a power vacuum? Who, if anyone will be the dominant power in Asia? Will America stay committed to the region? Many doubt it. Will Japan take the helm, already pocesing a powerful economy and the largest and most modern navy in Asia? Doubtful, due to the fact that nations like S. Korea , Taiwan, and China fear her ambitions in light of her World War II atrocities. So who is preparing to take the position of the most powerful nation in Asia? Could it be China??
      There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that China has come up with the Strategic and geopolitical conclusion that in order to guard her economic power, secure adequate natural resources, and guard for future world power and prestigious, she must become the dominant power in Asia.

    Consider the Following,

    1. Sino/US relations have sowered considerably since 1994. That year, the PLA came to the military conclusion that the only power stopping Chinese influence in Asia is the US. Since that time, the PLA has conducted war drills with the expectation that the adversary would be the US.

    2. The Chinese Economy is the fasted growing economy in the world, with average growth at about ten percent a year. With China adding to its economic and technological capacity daily, China, just by becoming an economic Superpower, will be able to challenge US economic might in the not distant future.( this is providing that China's growrth rate will be above 8% a year for the next deacde.)

    3. China has successfully began and essentially concluded a type of reproachment with Russia. China and Russia have finally agreed to a common boarder, an issue that has kept good relations between them a dream. The Russians, in an effort to bolster their struggling military/industrial complex and economy, have begun to sell the Chinese advanced weaponry. The Chinese have essentially know begun an arms build up(to replace an old military) with Russian weaponry that includes the following,

    A.The acquisition of the SU-27 fighter plans. This represents a major technological advance for the PLA Airforce and a strategic advantage. China has not only agreed to buy 120 of the advanced air superiority fighter, but has negotiated to produce the planes in Chinese factories. the SU-27 is considered by many as one of the top air superiority fighters in the world( It has the capabilities of the US F-15 minus the advanced avionics). It also an effective platform for dropping laser guided munitions, and smart bombs on ground targets.

    B. The Chinese have purchasedand are building a number of advanced surface naval units. These will bolster Chinese surface combatants, many with 1960's vintage technologies. Many believe this part of an overall Chinese strategy to build up a navy capable of conducting deep Pacific ocean operations.

    C.They have also purchased advanced diesel electric submarines, in the form of The Russian Kilo class submarine. The Kilo is a very quiet and technologically advanced submarine, able to carry cruise missiles and advanced weaponry. this will help the aging Chinese sub force (composed of vintage 1950's Russian diesal-electric boats). With the largest in Asia (120 boats), most are old and in active due to technological obscelesence.

    D. The Russians have also sold the Chinese their best cargo plane, the IL-76. This plane could be used to transport a large amount of troops in a parachute assault, deploy military hardware over great distances, or with some technical changes, serve as a airborne attack center (TACAMO).

    E. It is rumored that the Russians have agreed to be helping the Chinese to build more advanced ICBM's and long range missles with longer ranges and MIRV capability.

    In light of China's growing military and economic power, Foreign Policy Forum will keep you up to date on China with the latest websites on the issue and the best info to help you stay informed!!!!

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